Environmental Impact Assessment

When looking at a potentially suitable site, we carry out a preliminary study looking at all relevant environmental and ecological factors. These form the basis of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which must be submitted alongside a planning application, demonstrating that the impacts of development are outweighed by the benefits.

The EIA must examine:

  • Landscape and visual impact – To ensure the wind farm is not detrimental to sensitive or important local viewpoints.
  • Surface and ground water - To assess any likely impacts on water quantity and quality within both the development area and surrounding countryside and ensure these are minimised.
  • Noise - Noise levels at nearby homes are measured and analysed to ensure that a wind farm will not be a noise nuisance to its neighbours.
  • Ecology - Information gathered from site surveys is fed into the design process to ensure access roads and turbines don't impact on sensitive ecology, flora and fauna.
  • Ornithology - Extensive bird surveys are carried out over several seasons to establish whether the proposed turbines will have an effect on local bird life. A habitat management plan is drawn up to show how any impact can be minimised.
  • Archaeology - Both national and local archaeological groups are consulted to establish if proposed sites are likely to have significant impacts on heritage sites or archaeological remains.
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