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Investor members of Hotbed (the UK’s leading private investor syndicator) provided £3.3million in funding in 2009 in order to form a partnership with Burcote Wind. Hotbed completed its second investment in Burcote Wind in 2011, reaching its target of £5.7 million. Founded by former 3i investment director Gary Robins in 2002, Hotbed offers a complete venture capital and property investment service to qualifying private investors. It brings together investors looking for opportunities and businesses seeking investment, utilising extensive private equity experience to benefit both parties, as well as offering property investments, both commercial and residential. Investments are structured into £25,000 units and members choose whether or not to invest in each opportunity presented to them. Hotbed has presently raised £188m for 87 transactions, with a total asset value of over £500m, and has over 850 members.

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